ERH 4600 RF (oil/emulsion)

The electric heaters of the 4600 series are our standard heaters for almost any application. The internal design with exchangeable heating elements in flat protection tubes provides the perfect combination of a large heating surface in minimized space. All components are custom made at ELWA, providing unrivalised flexibility in design.

Operating voltage, specific surface load, material of vessel and protection tubes, position and dimension of connecting flanges… there is almost no limitation to adapt the design to perfectly fulfill the requirements of our customers applications.

Thousands of these heaters are in operation on board of ships, in power stations or other industrial installation all over the world.

ELWA flow heater of the 4700 series
mediumoil, emulsion
pressure (max)10 bar
power (max)300 kW
temp (max)150 °C

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Flow heater ERH 4600 RF