Motor Sport

In motorsport, there is no chance for success without precision, efficiency and quality. These preconditions also apply to our products. However, motorsport is also about passion and enthusiasm, representing the best catalyst for extracting top performance from our engineers.

Formula 1 as the flagship of motorsport demands absolute precision during racing and in development. With such thoroughbred engines, optimisations can never be made in major steps. Reproducible test conditions on the test rig are therefore all the more important. Our heaters are optimally suited to keep the service products at precisely the specified temperature. The free configuration ability means that even tight installation conditions do not pose a problem. The units can be equipped with a large number of process and measurement connections. The adapted power units mean that the heating power can be controlled quickly and smoothly.

Additional Information

ELWA flow heater of the 4700 series

ERH 4600 RF

The electric heaters of the series 4600 are our standard heaters for almost any application. Fluids: Oil, Emulsion / Power (max): 300 kW / Temp (max) : 150°C / Pressure (max): 10 bar

ELWA Serie 4636

ROE 4600 RF (incl.controls)

ROE units including electrical preheater and control cabinet. Fluids: Oil, Emulsion / Power (max): 300 kW / Temperature (max): 150°C / Pressure (max): 10 bar

ELWA Serie 4712-EVO

ERH 4700 compact (oil/emulsion)

The series 4700 compact heater features an unique compact design. Fluids: Oil, Water, Emulsion / Heating power (max): 39 kw / Temperature (max): 100°C / Pressure (max): 6 bar


Preheater KVE

KVE units ready-to-run units including electrical preheater, control cabinet and circulating pump. Fluids: water, emulsion / Power (max): 147 kW / Temp (max): 100°C / Pressure (max): 10 bar

ELWA Serie ERH800 RF

Tank heater ERH 800 RF / 400 RF

The series 800 RF heating inserts feature design characteristics which make these units unrivalled on the market. The high variability of the design allows a perfect adaption to any process conditions. There is no better solution to heat up tanks.