ERH 4700 compact (oil/emulsion)

Since their introduction to the market, the heaters of the 4700 series are the reference when it comes to perfect temperature control, heat transfer and flexibility in combination with a minimized footprint.


The series 4700 heaters are a modular design. Similar to a conventional plate type heat exchanger, the max heating power can be adjusted by altering the number of plates. The heater stack consists of fluid filled pockets and electric heating elements. Since we cannot only alter the number of plates but also the max power of the heating elements, we can configure the perfect heater for any fluid. Due to the reduced volume in the heater we achieve short resting times and high control accuracy.

Heat transfer

Due to the perfect hydraulic flow around the heating elements, the medium is gently heated to the specified temperature. The surface load (W/cm²) can be precisely adapted to the medium characteristics. Recommended surface loads.:

0,7 W/cm²

lube oil/low flow rate of medium

1,1 W/cm²

high viscosity heavy fuel oils and average flow rate of medium

1,5 W/cm²

marine diesel fuels, light diesel fuels and high flow rate of medium


ELWA Serie 4712-EVO

Features & options

All heaters are equipped with built in safety temperature limiters (STB) and an optional safety valve.

The heaters come with an efficient thermal insulation made of rockwood and galvanised steel sheet cover. The cover is also available made of stainless steel (polished upon request).

Standard: R 1″ pipe thread (male)
Optional: SAE 1″ flanges







others on request

Heavy duty powder coating

Overview table of standard designs

customised units available on request


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Flow heater ERH 4700