Motor Sport – Additional Information

For use on the race track and on the test rig, we produce compact and fully automated oil flushing modules by means of which gearboxes or engines can be preheated, or test rigs can be flushed in order to clean the circuits. The circulation volume, temperature and other process parameters can be selected on the touch panel.

As a technology transfer from the shipbuilding/power plant sector, KVES preheater units can be used as high-performance heat sources for wind tunnel testing of the radiator in the bodywork element. Heat exchanges enable the heat to be decoupled in parallel for the oil circuits. Spin-offs from racing cars to series production are one of the motivations for car makers to take part in motor sport. In parallel, ELWA products are also used in the development or production of series production production vehicles. This starts with the input stock in the steelworks, where heaters on the rolling mills bring the emulsions and lubricating oils to precise temperature values.

Manufacturers use our products on engine and gearbox test rigs. To allow tests of air conditioning systems, we produce heaters using special steels and provide them with thermal insulation for extra-low temperature ranges down to -50°C.

Even though, when required, we devote great attention to maintaining ultra-low temperatures precisely, we never give the motor sport topic the cold shoulder. We share our customers’ enthusiasm. Put our precision and our speed at test.

Expertise in energy and efficiency:

    • Test rig lubricating oil preheater
    • Test rig cooling water preheater
    • Oil flushing/filtering modules
    • Central hot water supply
    • Ultra-low temperature heater