Tank heater ERH 800 RF / 400 RF

The series 800 RF heating inserts feature design characteristics which make these units unrivalled on the market. The high variability of the design allows a perfect adaption to any process conditions. There is no better solution to heat up tanks.

Preheater KVE

KVE units ready-to-run units including electrical preheater, control cabinet and circulating pump. Fluids: water, emulsion / Power (max): 147 kW / Temp (max): 100°C / Pressure (max): 10 bar

ERH 4700 compact (oil/emulsion)

The series 4700 compact heater features an unique compact design.
Fluids: Oil, Water, Emulsion /
Heating power (max): 39 kw /
Temperature (max): 100°C /
Pressure (max): 6 bar

ROE 4600 RF (incl.controls)

ROE units including electrical preheater and control cabinet. Fluids: Oil, Emulsion / Power (max): 300 kW / Temperature (max): 150°C / Pressure (max): 10 bar

ERH 4600 RF

The electric heaters of the series 4600 are our standard heaters for almost any application.
Fluids: Oil, Emulsion /
Power (max): 300 kW /
Temp (max) : 150°C /
Pressure (max): 10 bar