Preheater KVT

The series KVT heaters offer highly effective heating power for processes with water or similar media. The heat exchangers and the pumps can be perfectly adapted to the customers application.


The KVT series is based on high quality shell and tube heat exchangers. With the mounted control cabinet and the integrated pumps we offer configurable units which can be used for many applications. We use high-quality centrifugal pumps. The tube bundles can be exchanged with standard tools.

Heat transfer

The heated medium (water) is pumped through the tubes of the heat exchanger while the heating medium thermal oil flows through the shell.



ELWA Vorwärmaggregat KVT

Features & Options

All units are equipped with a temperature safety cut-out. Additionally the flow of the heated medium through the heat exchanger is monitored with a minimum flow switch. In case of a pump failure or excess temperature, the control will shut off the flow of the heating medium.

The heaters come with an efficient thermal insulation made of rockwool and galvanised steel sheet cover. For thermal insulation of the pipes, softshell insulations are available upon request.

Standard: Flanges according to DIN EN 1092-1/11B1/DN15-DN250/PN16









others on request

Heavy duty industrial painting with 2K structured PUR paint

Overview table of standard designs

customised units available on request


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