Ship Building – Additional Information

The first ELWA product to be used on a ship was the electric continuous flow heater, which we continously improve. However, 30 years ago we broadened our focus by starting to produce plant constructions. We construct and develop customer-specific modules, which get upgraded by adding optimally adapted control systems. Switch cabinet construction is very important in our product range, since it complements our products with necessary and effective functions. We use adapted regulators and programmable controllers which permit a direct link-up to higher-level control systems. Therefore our products can be used for a wide variety of tasks, whether deck washing systems for mega yachts, highly complex fuel supply systems for super tankers, pool heating or bilge water processing.

Decades of cooperation with renowned engine manufacturers and shipyards mean we have the experience to find the right solution quickly.

Quick responses in after sales and high levels of availability of all spare parts mean that safe and efficient maritime operations are guaranteed. For ELWA, it makes no difference whether the heater is fifty or two years old: we deliver spare parts quickly and reliable.

Careful management of available resources and design for efficient use of energy are fundamental principles in the design, production and application of our products. At the same time, we consider not only the direct effects of the equipment but also the influences on the ecological balance sheet of the system as a whole.

Protection of maritime habitats enjoys the highest priority at ELWA. We design and manufacture technology which actively reduces emissions and pollution:

    • FWE (fuel water emulsion) technology for MAN diesel engines to reduce nitrous oxides in the exhaust gas
    • Bilge water heaters for separating contamination from the water

Naturally all ELWA products are available with certificates from all classification authorities: Lloyds Register, American Bureau of Shipping, Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas, Rina, MRS, CCS, etc.

Expertise in ship technology:

    • Cooling water preheater (electric/steam/thermal oil)
    • Lube oil preheater
    • Fuel preheater
    • Nozzle cooling units
    • Bilge water heater
    • Central cooling units
    • Viscosity / temperature control systems