Power Plants – Additional Information

ELWA products can be found in many different, power producing facilities, to name some: wind energy facilities, classical large-scale power plants, nuclear power stations and diesel engine power plants.

The gearboxes of wind turbines are exposed to extreme forces because of the high step-up ratio from the slow-turning rotor to the generator frequency. Optimum lubrication is essential to avoid costly malfunctions. Specially designed ELWA preheaters reliably keep the lubricating oil at the required minimum temperature. Anywhere and at any time.

In large-scale power plants, ELWA heaters are used for treating the lubricating oil for the turbines. The long-term quality and service life of the lubricants is a key factor for the operational costs and availability of the system. By nature, operational safety of nuclear power stations requires even higher standards compared to conventional plants. ELWA products have been in daily service in these types of power station for decades.

For diesel engine power plants ELWA has a wide range of product to offer. Injection nozzle cooling systems, cooling water preheaters, lubricating oil heaters or technical water supply units. Almost the complete peripheral equipment for operating fluids can be provided with products from ELWA.

Together with partner companies, we manufacture complete fuel systems for almost all types of fuels: light diesel oil, heavy fuel oil or biofuels (rapeseed oil and palm oil). If the engine can burn the fuel, we can deliver it with the necessary operating values.

Reliability and efficiency are essential, and not just in electricity generation. Our products for converting electrical energy for use in heating or cooling are also developed according to these criteria. The future belongs to decentralised energy supply systems. Autonomous energy communities are supplied with an energy mix from various sources. ELWA hot water boosters make an effective contribution to supporting heating systems in district heating systems or buildings.

To support the environment, ELWA develops systems which use seawater for heating or cooling, so as to reduce the energy consumption of buildings or industrial installations significantly. Our commitment to developing these technologies is the logical consequence of our true sense of responsibility for our environment.

Expertise in energy and efficiency:

    • Lubricating oil preheaters
    • Cooling water preheaters
    • Central cooling systems
    • Pressure booster stations
    • Fuel supply units
    • Measuring and control systems