Industry – Additional Information

We offer a great flexibility in terms of design. For example our electric continuous flow heaters can be adapted regarding heating power, operating pressure, operating voltage, positions of connecting flanges or material. The units can therefore be used for almost any kind of application. In extreme cases, this means: polished surfaces for medical applications and food technology or high-alloy steel for very aggressive liquids like desalinated water.

As mentioned earlier, not only can our customers choose between almost infinite design options, there are also complete plant solutions to choose from.

We take components from long-term suppliers and use them to supplement our own products, e.g. to produce processing systems for technical water, oil pumping stations or filter systems. We can put our many years of experience and our flexible production options to optimum use in individual industrial fields. On behalf of our customers, we develop air heaters, heating and cooling baths, indirect preheating units, machine tool heating systems, pressure boost systems and dosing modules. In combination with power units and controllers from our in-house switch cabinet construction arm, we are capable of building autonomous and reliable systems that interact optimally both with higher-level instrumentation and control systems as well as with linked-up hydraulic systems.

As you may already know, we care for our environmental footprint and since we are an industrial company, for us, environmental protection and sustainability in industry start right with production. Intelligent building automation systems switch off ventilation functions, filter systems and lighting when they are not needed. The latest welding equipment reduces current consumption. In the test area, the water used for hydraulic pressure tests on equipment is filtered and returned to the storage tanks. The paint shops has a highly effective filter system in order to keep emissions as low as possible. We also take the same care as for our in-house processes when it comes to selecting materials and ensuring that our products are solidly designed. After all, we are only satisfied with our performance if our customers can use the machines we have provided them with over decades without failures, because then we have created something sustainable.

Expertise in industrial applications:

    • Continuous flow heaters
    • Pressure boost systems
    • Power units
    • Measuring and control systems
    • Dosing systems