ERH 800 RF (oil/emulsion)

The series 800 RF heating inserts feature design characteristics which make these units unrivalled on the market. The high variability of the design allows a perfect adaption to any process conditions. There is no better solution to heat up tanks.

The series 800 RF heaters consist of flange with welded-in protection tubes. The heating elements are positioned in the protection tubes and are not in direct contact with the medium. They can be exchanged without draining and opening the tank. The design of the RF heating elements ensure excellent thermal reaction time and control accuracy.

The series 800 RF heating inserts are normally installed in horizontal position in the lower area of the tank. The counter flanges for welding to the tank wall are supplied with the heaters.

In case the tank is not to be heated completely and only the extraction volume is to be heated to the desired process temperature, the 800 RF series can be upgraded with the optional insertion vessel Type 400 to become an integrated continuous flow heater.

Due to the flexible design, the heating elements can be adapted to any operating voltage between 230 VAC and 690 VAC.

6 bar in standard design/10 bar in HP design

Max. 150 °C

Due to the perfect hydraulic flow around the heating elements, the medium is gently heated to the specified temperature. The surface load (W/cm2) can be precisely adapted to the medium characteristics.
Recommended surface loads:

0,8 W/cm2 lube oil and other temperature-critical fluids
1,1 W/cm2 high viscosity heavy fuel oils
1,4 W/cm2 marine diesel fuels, light diesel fuels

All components in contact with the medium can be made of any material to suit the application. By standard and with short delivery times: P265GH (mild steel) and 1.4571 (stainless steel). Other materials are available on request.

The majority of our heaters are delivered with ELWA control cabinets specially designed for the specific applications. The heating steps can be controlled either with mechanical or electronic temperature controllers. The power is then switched with conventional contactors, solid state relays or thyristor controllers. Please see data sheets for ELWA ETU/ELWA SPC/ELWA STC. The control cabinets can either be mounted directly on the heaters or can be installed separately.

The heating insert heaters are the perfect choice for heating fluids like fuel oils (MGO/HFO), lubrication oils or emulsions.

All heaters are equipped with built in safety temperature limiters (STB). Optional additional safety devices: flow switch, temperature limiter (self reset), PT-100 sensors and safety valves.

Heavy duty industrial painting with 2K structured PUR paint

Insertion vessel Type 400: Flanges according to DIN EN 1092-1/11B1/DN15-DN250/PN16. The position of the connection can be adapted on request.

ABS, BV, DNV, CCS, GL, LRS, RINA, TÜV, MRS, others on request

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Tank heater ERH 800 RF